Hello friends! We here at Hearts and Crafts are happy to finally announce our 2012 Holiday Craft Market:

Sunday, December 16th, 2012 at Java’s Cafe; 11am-4pm.

Due to the size and logistics of this particular show, coupled with our busy, hectic fall and winter schedules, we’ve chosen to curate this round of Hearts and Crafts a little differently, sans an application process. The vendors we’ve selected reflect an array of previous artists whose work reflect the cozy environment and gift-giving season.

Check out our wonderful lineup of vendors!:

Sweet Pea Felts

GreenGirl Press

Vintage Refashioned

Nancy Topolski

Heather Misula


Collier Craft

Adrienne Dahler

John Gormly/Wonderful Whittlin

Jess and Greg Handmade

Karinne Popple

Rachel Arday

Meagan Nevil

Brandi Marino

Rachel Cordaro

Lisa Barker Photography

Interstellar Love Craft

We are excited to announce that the date for the fall 2012 Hearts and Crafts show at Java’s Cafe is official: Sunday, September 30th, 2012.

The Hearts and Crafts Independent Art and Craft Market seeks local makers and designers whose work is innovative and original. Our aim is to deliver a quality and diverse selection of art & craft for a growing audience of DIY supporters.  With each show, we aim to bring in both new and familiar artists that fit this profile.

Please read the information below carefully before applying.

Where:   Java’s Cafe, 16 Gibbs Street, Rochester, NY. This is an outdoor show. Vendors be lining   the sidewalk in front of Java’s and under the awning of the Eastman Theatre.

When:     Sunday  September 30th, 11am-5pm. Set-up begins at 9:30am.
Vendor Fee:  $35 for a solo space; $20 for a shared space. Vendors are responsible for providing their own tables and chairs.  Vendor spaces are 8’x4′. Yes, its narrow. Please plan accordingly.

Application Deadline: Sunday, August 26th.
Applicants will be notified either way by Thursday,  August 29th.

To apply, click here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Q7ZSVDH

If you have any questions, please email us at heartsandcraftsatjavas@gmail.com.

Because what else is there to do in January, really, other than make things and try to stay warm? we’ve got a whole slew of vendors who’ve been hard at work this winter, and we are excited to show you! Just in time for Valentines shopping, we bring you the Hearts and Crafts midwinter craft market. SO EXCITED! 😀

First of all: THANK YOU so much to everyone who helped make our Holiday Craft Market a smashing success! It was such a wonderful day all-around, with possibly the best turnout we’ve seen yet. We’ll post some photos here soon but for now check them out over on facebook….

AND! if you just haven’t had enough, we are right back at it this weekend: we had the chance to help out our pals over at 1975 and The Yards with putting together the Art Bazaar at the Yards. The Yards is a new collaborative art space at the Public Market, upstairs from Flour City Bread and Java’s, and the Art Bazaar is their brand-new artist market event, this Saturday and Sunday. We are very excited to be part of this and would love to see you there!

Hello everyone! We’re so excited to finally have a home on the internet for Hearts and Crafts. Its been a long time coming and we have lots of exciting things happening in the near future that we’ll be sharing with you here.

Our next Hearts and Crafts market events are Sunday December 11th, 2011, and Sunday, February 5, 2012, both at Java’s Cafe. The deadline to apply for these is rapidly approaching- check out the “Apply now” section for more information and a link to the application!

We’ll be updating often with more information about other fun upcoming events, so keep checking back!